A great sunset in Wales

Sunset at the Coast in Wales.

Welsh Sunset

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About Whitchurch Camera Club

A Professional Camera Club that offers member a chance to show off their images each week, learn new skills, create some interesting Photography to Exhibit in Galleries. We are a friendly Club that will teach Photography to anyone that would like to learn more about their Digital Camera, learn how to capture images using leading lines, different view points, textures, & much more. If you live near our location, please get in touch, you will be pleasantly surprised with our Club and what we have to offer all levels of photographer. About the Founder Steve Rees, has been, over the years a Full Time Professional Photographer, photographing many genres from Private Companies and individuals wanting to build modelling portfolios & Wedding Photography. Steve is now based in Cardiff, after Serving 18 Years with the British Royal Marines. During his time in the Armed Forces, Steve, served as a Physical Training and Adventurous Training instructor, working at many different locations around the Globe. While Serving he earned the “Certificate of Commendation of Military Service” Steve is also a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and gained his Teaching Certificate at Plymouth University where he studied part-time, while serving in the Armed Forces.

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