A Great way to see the Welsh Landscape

There is a very high level of Photography on this website of the Welsh Landscape in South Wales, which has been captured in the different sessions by local Photographer Steve Rees.

Welsh Landscape

Welsh Landscape

Take a quick look by clicking on the link below, and let us know your thoughts..

Welsh Landscape by Pivot Point Photography


Sun Shine in Winter

In between these gray skies the sun manages to come through… and when it does, it leaves a fantastic

Brecon Beacons Landscape

Brecon Beacons Landscape

Landscape to capture in the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales.

Balance with Photography


The “rule of thirds” is an interesting concept when discovering new photography skills. Being able to create an image that will give a well formed balance for the viewer,  will generally leave them feeling happy and pleased of most images you show.

However… “the rule of thirds” is also a rule… just like any other in photography that can be broken, it is a matter of when it can be broken.

This image of a Farmers field in South Wales it allows the        ” rule of thirds” balance out the beautyful blue sky with the yellow hay stacks and green foreground.

Hope it made you happy.

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Balance in Photography

When out looking for subjects to photograph, you always have to be aware of the perspective and balance of your images. And being quick to capture something that would be gone in a split second, you need to be on top of your skills with your camera.

Balance in Photography

Balance in Photography

These 3 subjects were caught just before they disappeared out of frame. Given a great balance to the image.